Friday, April 18, 2008

Evolving World of Education

Never in the history of humankind has there been such a rapid proliferation of novel ideas and the fuel behind this inventive fire can be summed up in one word ~ Access.

Today's elementary school children have access to more quality information at the click of a button than last centuries scholars could hope to find in a lifetime.

For example, "The Darwin Project" just yesterday released 90,000 pages of original drafts, sketches, and photographs written in the hand of the father of evolutionary theory.

This release makes his private papers, mountains of notes, experiments, and research behind his world-changing publications available to the world for free," John van Wyhe, director of the project, told Reuters. "His publications have always been available in the public sphere--but these papers have until now only been accessible to scholars."

Click here to access these documents.


Lauren S. said...

Love the blog, Jim!

Food for thought:

"It must be remembered that the purpose of education is not to fill the minds of students with facts... it is to teach them to think, if that is possible, and always to think for themselves."

- Robert Hutchins

Pub Ed said...

And Bobby's partner in perennialism
Morty said it best...
...our political democracy depends upon the reconstitution of our schools. Our schools are not turning out young people prepared for the high office and the duties of citizenship in a democratic republic. Our political institutions cannot thrive, they may not even survive, if we do not produce a greater number of thinking citizens, from whom some statesmen of the type we had in the 18th century might eventually emerge. We are, indeed, a nation at risk, and nothing but radical reform of our schools can save us from impending disaster... Whatever the price... the price we will pay for not doing it will be much greater.[2]