Friday, July 3, 2009

Inverted Education Model

1. Brain research has demonstrated that delays in error correction reinforces the error.

2. Homework may not be reviewed and returned to students for several days.

3. Contemporary scholarly research has shown students learn better from listening to a podcast than the actual live lecture.

We presently lecture at school, assign homework, and then grade.

What if???

We assigned students to listen to a podcast of the lecture at home, and then guided them in class to complete their assignments?

Sound too simple?

Most worthwhile ideas are.

Thank you Alan November for providing this insight at NECC.

Will any of you dare to do a pedagogical flip?

I hope so.


Chris said...

Is there an age on this learning style? I HATE podcasts, but I'm old.

bpsdtech said...

You're asking for a profound change likely to not be welcomed by the members of the NEA or AFT... However I do agree that this does make a lot of sense!

Pub Ed said...

I agree that such a dramatic shift in the education model would be received cooly by most and considered blasphemy by many!

However slow, change is inevitable and I believe we are in the enviable position of living and working during the most dynamic period of educational change in the past 150 years.

Are you familiar with the term "lag phase" coined by the economist Paul David?

The digital education roller coaster has reached the summit, some are closing their eyes with a
white knuckle grip on the bar, others have their hands in the air, anticipating the rush as we hurled down the tracks of 21st Century learning!

Scream if you want to go faster!