Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Call for Change

“We See computers everywhere but in the productivity statistics”

Robert Solow

WHY?I believe Paul A. David’s 1989 essay, “Computer and Dynamo: The Modern Productivity Paradox in a Not-Too Distant Mirror” revealed the answer. Mr. David illustrated the lag between innovation and application by highlighting the time and effort involved to move from Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb in 1879 to electricity finally supplanting steam as our nation’s primary power source well into the next century.

“One of the major breakthroughs facilitating the changeover was how buildings and assembly lines were redesigned and managed. In essence, the entire manufacturing process had to be reconfigured.”

Reexamine the last two sentences substituting the words schools, curriculum, taught, and educational.

“One of the major breakthroughs facilitating changeover was how schools and curriculum were redesigned and taught. In essence, the entire educational process had to be reconfigured”.

If teachers are the gatekeepers of educational change, then we must reinvent the way we teach the teacher.

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