Monday, October 13, 2008

Whose I.P. is it anyway?

The advent of the 21st Century Classroom has provided unprecedented computing power to millions of American youths. This has created a robust incubator for innovation, sometimes with the help and support of faculty, often without.

The question now being debated on college campuses is "Whose Intellectual Property is it Anyway?"

Although not presently on the radar of most K-12 public school officials, the intellectual property ownership debate should be. Somewhere at this very moment a young Billy Gates or Stevie Jobs is busily working on the next technology revolution which will turn over the digital apple cart and generate $billions$ in revenue.

Better to invest time and resources designing a policy now than to waste time and resources battling it out in court later.

If you know of an ongoing case in K-12 education, please post.

If you would like to view a current post-secondary policy on Intellectual Property rights, click here.

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