Monday, October 6, 2008

Who's Cheating Who?

My favorite professor of all time turned me on to Statistics back in the 80's with the simple words; "All of your exams will be open book and open note". He went on to say "In the real world, if you need an answer, not only will you be allowed to use reference materials but you would be foolish not to!"

Twenty years later, Diedre Coleman at the Presbyterian Ladies College in Australia has applied the same principles with a 21st Century twist. Her 9th grade English students are encouraged to use i-pods, cellular phones, MP-3s, and the internet to formulate answers and support arguments.

Talk about a spicy recipe for educational discourse!
1. A pinch of academic dishonesty
2. Add a splash of cellular technology
3. And mix liberally with the World Wide Web

Many educators will lament the use of technology is cheating.

I would suggest the failure to integrate technological tools as part of the curriculum and authentic assessment is cheating...the students.

To view the full article from the The Sydney Morning Herald, click here.

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