Saturday, June 14, 2008


With childhood obeisity rates on the rise in the United States, many are blaming the gaming industry. There seems to be a prevailing image of the pale skinned gamer with a soft belly and freakishly muscular thumbs!

Not so for those who play Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)or the WII fit. I work out regularly, have even run marathons, but was left slumped over, gasping for breath after a single song on DDR.

Thankfully, schools have recognized the value of incorporating these gaming systems into physical education classes that often disenfranchise all but the most athletically gifted students. Fran Cleland, president of the National Association for Sports and Physical Education has endorsed the use of gaming systems as a tool for motivating students to exercise and get fit.

For those concerned about cost, as with most public school enhancements, the money is out there for those who know where to look.
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