Friday, March 28, 2008

Multi-Media + Multi-Modal = Mega Results!

To increase student retention, the convergence of verbal, visual, spatial, and sensory inputs allows for an increased transfer of information into long-term memory storage. Or put more simply, students remember more when the information is read to them and they are shown relevant pictures.

The following principles apply:
1. Temporal Contiguity Principle - Increased learning when words and pictures are presented simultaneously versus successively.
2. Coherence Principle - Students learn more when you exclude extraneous words, pictures, and sounds.
3. Modality Principle - Increased learning occurs when narration is provided with animation opposed to simply providing text.

"The convergence of the cognitive sciences and neurosciences provides insights into the field of multimodal learning through Web 2.0 tools. The combination will yield important guideposts in the research and development of eLearning using emergent, high-tech environments." ~ The Metiri Group

The Skinny ~ Show pictures, use animation, cut out the fluff...Make the learning meaningful & authentic, build on students prior knowledge, teach students to practice meta-cognition...If you do this...they will learn.

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