Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bush Wacked!

“Six years ago, we came together to pass [NCLB], and today no one can deny its results,” Bush said in his State of the Union address Jan. 28. “Last year, fourth and eighth graders achieved the highest math scores on record. Reading scores are on the rise. And African-American and Hispanic students posted all-time highs.”

It is no surprise that when financial aide and continued employment are contingent upon test scores going up, test scores will go up...AKA "Test Pollution"

I bet I know a few educators that would deny President Bush's claim.

Eisner, Kozol, Nieto, Hargraves to name a few...


LAS said...

So true!

Pub Ed said...

What will the 2008 elections bring us? More reductions in technology education spending? Less focus on holistic education? Education needs to back the right candidate. Our literal futures depend on it.

Steve said...

How long have we been told this canidate will bring about the change education needs?

There is no silver bullet to fix the problems of education. Research, after research, after research shows us there is no ONE way to teach for success. We have the data, we know the results, yet we continue to hold on to the belief that this time things will be different.

Education is our house and we need to clean it. The future doesn't wait for us, it has arrived regardless of who is voted into political office. The revolution needs to begin with us. If only our unions would stop feeding the coffers of political opportunitist to hold us in this strangle hold.

Honestly, how many of us are truly represented by our unions?

Pub Ed said...

As Cuban(2001) said, teachers are the gatekeepers of educational change.

As with any worthwhile endeavor, to see it through will require great effort and sacrifice.

I'll gladly shed light on the path to lead us out of prehistoric darkness...who will take the first step?

Calling J. Abner Peddiwell